Turning Point Nutrition: Meal Prep, Owner
Certified Athletic Trainer
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist

Ben started his journey into fitness as a Kinesiology student at San Diego State. Working in the athletic training program he developed a deep understanding of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and orthopedic injury assessment, evaluation, and prevention.With over 2,500 hours of experience, this internship brought him in contact with both injured and healthy collegiate and current professional athletes. Once graduated and accredited, Ben ventured away from injury and rehab and toward personal training when he became a Certified Personal Trainer under the National Council of Sport and Fitness.

Since then he has counseled many people lose thousands of pounds. He has helped High School athletes receive scholarships. He has even helped marines to train for and pass their fitness tests. He occasionally even gets back to his routes and evaluates and rehabs orthopedic injuries.

The nutrition decisions you make this month will result in the physique you display next month

His own training has been a roller coaster of emotions! From static and dynamic balance to pure strength training, he has experimented with almost everything. He takes pride in the ability to do any athletic activity at any time without a moments notice. Whether it be run a marathon or take a leisurely bike ride, he wants to be ready for anything!

Over the last year he has started and run the prepared meal service, Turning Point Nutrition. Ben utilizes his Sports Nutrition specialty to design macrronutrient balanced meals to deliver to you closest convenient pick up location. Along with this service he offers individualized meal planning for all nutrition restrictions, as well as combined nutrition and personal training programming.

Now-a-days he is working to help combine the realms of nutrition and exercise into one service, and help educate those who partake. Body transformation is his forte, but highly capable in many aspects.

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