In 2005 Dave decided to leave Pennsylvania in pursuit for change and an opportunity arose to come to California.  Within the second day of arriving he attained a job at 24 Hour Fitness and then worked his way up from front desk to personal trainer in months.  Motivating his clients was second nature to him.  Dave’s desire to learn excelled him through many fundamental years which molded him to become the dynamically proficient trainer he is today.  He has trained clientele from the ages of 7 to 70 and continues to love the challenge of providing the proper tools to develop amateurs to athletes alike.

The passion that I have for fitness motivates me and my clientele to improve in all aspects of training.  I can honestly say that I love what I do, and providing a valuable service that has me interacting with these amazing people and changing lives – is more of a reward than a job.

During his college career at Kutztown University Dave experienced what many clients understand as the Yo – Yo fluctuation of weight.  He became fully aware of being obese, out of shape, and the lifestyle it instills.  A short medal winning career in professional eating did not help either.  (No joke)  With a better understanding of how to lose weight while achieving goals first hand, Dave is able to relate and prescribe appropriate guidelines for accomplishing each clientele’s target weight.  He has had the joy of working with a variety of different fitness levels; from female power lifters and tri-athletes, to grandmothers with hip replacements and torn ACL’s.  Always adapting to new challenges Dave is constantly acquiring new certifications and continuing education units to keep a broad audience directed and informed.