A highly popularized form of exercise, that involves one or multiple trainers instructing a group of participants in a specified training format. Emphasis of keeping a general level of intensity to match the skill and ability of each client.

Group Exercise Benefits

  • Completely separate experience in regards to fitness and health
  • Gain confidence and camaraderie in a higher energy group setting
  • Customized challenges for any skill level
  • Succeed amongst like minded people and build friendships through health and wellness
  • Multiple classes to choose from as a primary or secondary form of fitness

The Benefits of Group Fitness

Our group classes offer a challenge for any client, regardless of experience or fitness level. A wide variety of options and progressions, a multitude of training equipment, and weekly changes to the format. This allow s for consistent variety and fulfillment. A staple option in most gyms, the group fitness approach provides solid accountability and camaraderie. With no one left out or behind, the high energy environment is the big value. Inquire about reservations.

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