BSc Kinesiology
Doctor of Osteopathy (Spain, Candidate)

My entire life I have been obsessed with sports and fitness. Growing up in Canada, I played hockey year in and out, in fact, It has been said that I learned how to ice skate before I learned how to walk. As I grew older (and taller) I also played soccer, volleyball, badminton and basketball, as well as football in university. While competing at a high level, I found a new passion in physical and aesthetic fitness training.
I attended the University of Calgary and received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with a focus in biomechanics. This taught me a great understanding of anatomy, physiology, and performance training. I am currently continuing my education to receive a Doctor of Osteopathy, which gives me the knowledge for full body rehabilitation.  Using my education in Kinesiology and Osteopathy, paired with my personal sports experience, I believe my understanding of body biomechanics and function is immense.

I train individuals not just on a physical level, but mental as well, teaching them how to understand movements and exercises that work for their muscles.

I have trained all kinds of people, including former professional athletes, current collegiate athletes, and regular everyday people trying to become the best version of themselves. I specialize in rehabilitation, sports training, and aesthetics, and pride myself on getting results, no matter the commitment.

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Len de Wit Personal Trainer
Len de Wit Personal Trainer
Len de Wit Personal Trainer
Len de Wit Personal Trainer