Bethany Mongold

Bethany Mongold’s photoshoot at S10 by Brent Haywood Photography

Nikki & Kelly

Nikki & Kelly’s photoshoot at S10 by Thomas Oed at Impactfoto


S10 hosted a local powerlifting team; focused instruction included mobility management, pain reduction, and corrective rehabilitation. | Photos by Di Chowmut and Mary Elizabeth

Kendal & Amy

Kendal Heyman and Amy Roberts photoshoot at S10 by Brent Haywood Photography


Krystal Nielson 2015 Photoshoot at S10 by Thomas Oed at Impactfoto

Cactus to Clouds Fitness Retreat

September 21, 2014: Three members of S10 set out to challenge the notion that strength athletes lack endurance. Cactus to Clouds is a hike from the Palm Spring Valley floor, aprox 100 feet above sea level, to the peak of Mt San Jacinto at 10834 feet.  Having over-packed, they each carried aprox. 50 lbs. for a total of 13 hours to the summit.

90 Day Challenge

Four ladies from The Talk of San Diego joined S10 for a 90-Day Fitness Challenge

This is the historic chronicle of Chris Daly and Dave Sten on an incredible training journey of epic fitness proportions.

With blood, sweat, and tears fueling their ambition, these four young ladies embarked on the challenge of their lives as they overcame adversity, and a passionate story of immense transformations was born…… this is their tale.

Dave & Kait

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

S10 in 2010

We strive to be our best and in order to attempt this feat we must never forget where we came from and how we got started.