s10 story
Dave Sten and Chris Daly

We are two lifelong friends and fellow fitness professionals, who have embarked on this small business journey. We have a knack for fixing backs and a need to mend your knees, while being smart about your heart, with the wit to keep you fit. (Poetry skills also available for consultation.)

Having a mutual interest in fitness, we trained together throughout high school in the small town in Pennsylvania where we grew up. We left the east coast in pursuit of precious gold bullion out west, but were devastated to learn that the gold rush had ended 150 years before our arrival. Once we got over the shock, we decided fitness careers were the only suitable alternative. We knew that returning home was not an option, as ten-cent wing nights and dollar beers would undoubtedly lead to extreme weight gain. Without further hesitation, we took jobs in the commercial gym world and decided to give California a genuine shot.

Our initial experience as personal trainers in the mainstream gym environment was largely rewarding, but eventually TPS reports and supplement sales quotas began to get in the way of our ability to meet the true needs of our clients. This was just not our vision of promoting fitness.

In 2009 David Sten opened the garage doors of the original S10 fitness. A short time later, Christopher Daly came aboard and it’s been an ever-evolving journey since.

We knew we could provide a service above and beyond the restrictions of a corporate gym, and we wanted to create a judgement-free, friendly training environment, with the personal needs of our clients as our focus.

Using humor and an analytical approach toward your goal, we intend for you to have as much fun with fitness as we do, everyday.