Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes, and recreational exercisers for increased performance. Also to help individuals with injury prevention and proper mechanics within their athletic endeavors. In conjunction, develop the cardiovascular and respiratory system for increased proficiency and energy utilization.

Strength and Conditioning at S10

Strength Training

When clients seek out a strength and conditioning coach, they are primarily looking to develop:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • A leaner physique
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Cardiovascular proficiency
  • Resistance to injury
  • To gain knowledge about the foundation of strength training, and the conditioning that factors into overall success of the goal.

Conditioning Program

At S10 Fitness, we don’t just teach our clients about the proper movements involved in lifting weights or running sprints. We build a relative foundation for muscular strength and endurance for a body of any age or type. Each workout is customized to our clients’ needs for maximum results in conjunction with a true understanding of the overall process.

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