Strongman Training Gym

Strongman –  a growing sport that places emphasis on high level strength and agility, it also has massive appeal to individuals who would like to defecate in their shorts while attempting to lift odd objects in direct sunlight in front of an audience of 11 people, 9 of which are teammates.

Strongman Training

-An objective breakdown of your lifting technique

-Work with  specified implements ( log, stones, yoke , etc)

-Utilizing traditional barbell exercises and accessory lifts that can be useful to assist that progress.

– Identify imbalances and the design of programs to fully improve performance overall.

Strongman Gym

S10 fitness is an affiliate support facility of the sport of Strongman, we cater to the needs of the athlete whether it pertains to getting stronger, or managing injuries that arise in training. Although we don’t provide open hours, we strongly encourage individuals to seek out private training at our location.

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