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Exercise and eating healthy shouldn't be something we do because we think we have to, but something we want to do because of how it makes us feel both...

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Wellness professional, personal trainer and lifestyle coach And if my workouts have you feeling sore and in need of a little TLC , lay back and relax,...



( Bob) Personal Trainer/corvette enthusiast/historian); Bob as we know him, has been a steadfast resource of genuine k...



Personal Trainer; One of the most understated fitness professionals San Diego has to offer. Extensive background and e...



Owner, operator, ginger. Finding a balance between lifestyle and health conscious decisions, is the primary driving fo...



Owner, operator, swell guy. The consummate professional, instilling a high level of accountability in each and every c...


One of our founding principles at S10 fitness, is the consistent investment back into our community. All of the people we interact with inside the training facility, all have personal issues or efforts they dedicate time towards improving. We have always strived to assist in those efforts via volunteering time and resources.

S10 Fitness has and always will continue to embed ourselves in fundraising efforts and programs that perpetuate the agenda of worthy organizations. Got a 5k for diabetes? We’re in. Got a fish fry to raise money for education? Give us a spatula. Got 60 ministers who need to sweat? Well then,  good god…we have you covered!

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Weight Loss Programs

It isn’t uncommon for people to come to us with weight loss goals. Many of our clients, simply need the appropriate tools and motivation to get started. We provide personalized guidance for weight management through education on nutrition, cardio and resistance training. Each step of the journey, we will be there to guide, support and encourage you in reaching your desired weight loss goals.

Strength & Conditioning

Many clients come to us looking to develop muscle mass, a leaner physique and to gain knowledge about the foundation of strength training. At S10, we don’t just teach our clients about the proper movements involved in lifting weights or running sprints. We build a relative foundation for muscular strength and endurance for a body of any age or type. Each workout is customized to our clients’ needs for maximum optimization.

Corrective Exercise & Rehabilitation

The cornerstone of S10 Fitness, lies primarily with our passion to assist individuals in overcoming injury and adversity.  Since 2009, we have made an effort to educate ourselves along with our client base.Every topic ranging from preventative maintenance and self myofascial release techniques, up through returning to high level competitive sports post surgery. Attracting a team of trainers from multiple backgrounds and disciplines has greatly improved our ability to problem solve, and address the needs of each individual case we encounter. Our relationships with other healthcare providers and business professionals has led to an even greater respect and understanding of the process of healing. We are willing to explore any avenue necessary to rectify issues, and tirelessly research the latest information in regard to rehabilitation.  

Group Fitness

Our group classes offer a challenge for any client, regardless of experience or fitness level. A wide variety of options and progressions, a multitude of training equipment, and weekly changes to the format, allow for consistent variety and fulfillment. A staple option in most gyms, the group fitness approach provides solid accountability, and camaraderie . With no one left out or behind, the high energy environment is the big value.  Currently running at 9am Sunday each and every week.  


S10 fitness offers premiere gym rentals for photo shoots, completely private facility for uninterrupted, streamline, events. We offer blocks of time by the hour, we charge 75 dollars per hour, with unlimited usage for athletes. Easy to navigate the open floor plan, and equipment is available for rearrangement. Outdoor and indoor setting offers versatility and lighting options for any setting. Staging mock sessions and standard portfolio shots are simple and affordable.


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